About Bernadine Fried

For nearly twenty years licensed marriage and family therapist Bernadine Fried has proven to be a valued advocate for numerous clients seeking treatment for substance abuse. Fried calls upon a host of clinical professionals to assist in her efforts of improving patients’ outcomes. Engaged in private practice in Beverly Hills, Bernadine Fried leads a new treatment center in Los Angeles. Bernadine Fried has filled the dual roles as Clinical Director and psychotherapist with complete confidence. She is certified in EMDR therapy for patients suffering from trauma.

The commentary of Bernadine Fried has been featured on a wide array of media outlets such as The New Yorker and CBS. Rooted in her daily work is a mission to educate and communicate with a worldwide audience. In serving as a lecturer for a number of U.S. educational institutions, Bernadine Fried has shared her deep and lasting desire for helping individuals dealing with addictive disorders.

Bernadine Fried has been a great inspiration for her clients as well. Recently marking her 25th year of sobriety, Fried offers a genuine concern and care for her clients as a result of her own personal experiences. Bernadine Fried exhibits the necessary expertise while taking a compassionate approach that puts patients at ease. What defines Bernadine Fried is her ability to join with clients as they navigate the complexities of their particular situation.

Bernadine Fried has made a major contribution to various treatment centers in California and across the United States. She incorporates evidence-based practices with new modalities of treatment that can assist clients on the road to recovery. For patients who have reached an impasse, Bernadine Fried offers powerful tools designed to unblock obstacles to progress. In therapy, she focuses on psychological and emotional needs to empower each client in his or her quest for self-discovery, healing, and hope.